Introducing our Updated Online via Teleconference UAS Tower / Structure Inspection Certification Course

Course Description

NATE Compliant – Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations Around Vertical Communications Infrastructure

Our 16 hour interactive teleconference training course offers our students, who successfully pass, National Association of Tower Erectors compliant certification training “Tower Inspection Drone Pilot” certifications.

This training course is not “just online”…

All of our instructors have been involved with, and formally trained on, “how to conduct a successful, interactive, educational and fun” teleconference training program.  We involve the students with conversations, reviews, question and answer sessions.  Our students are encouraged to be a part of the training.  Note that our class sizes are small… 3 to 6 is our average student limit.  This allows for a much more interactive and productive training.  We utilize much more than just PowerPoint… we discuss and review actual tower inspection photos and videos.  Portions of the training is in our facility showing and reviewing our UAV’s, cameras, screen shots and equipment examples.  Our class offers plenty of time for our students to share their examples and “what they have learned” throughout the training.  Our teleconference sessions are limited to no more than 3 hours each.  Most sessions are 2 to 2.5 hours with plenty of breaks.  We also have several hours of assigned “off line” study projects and assignments for each student.

Bit of Background

Technical Rescue Systems has been training fall protection safety and rescue since 1986, Telecommunication climber safety and rescue since 2000 and UAS/Drone tower inspection pilot training for since 2014.   We have quickly learned the incredible value the UAS/Drone aerial imagery offers to the safety of our tower climbers and the documentation / data uses.  The technology is growing exponentially and the business for experienced / educated Drone pilots is even more in demand.  For those who complete our certification course will have an significant competitive edge over anyone in the UAS/Drone business.

Our students learn about what to expect on and around the telecommunications site.  Types of towers, tower site safety, different types of operations, job safety analysis review, site hazards, technical terminology, RF hazards,  what it takes to safely climb towers, climbing path and ladder climbing safety systems and more.

Also – Watch for our periodically scheduled “Introduction to UAS Tower / Structure Inspection Certification Course”.  This is an Interactive  /Informational Webinar.  We will be sending out information emails, Blogs and Social Media Posts for the latest scheduling.