TRS is getting underway with continued compliance with the latest CDC Covid Requirements / Restrictions

Spring and Autumn are our busiest time of year…. so the timing of the “pandemic” has been a real challenge in many ways. TRS had 7 classes scheduled… they were all “postponed” … thankfully not canceled. With that, and being able to travel now, is turning into a scheduling challenge. Our TRS Training Calendar is filling up fast. (Yeah!) Check it out:

As posted earlier, TRS is keeping current with the continual updates and changes being made by the national, states and local CDC Covid requirements and restrictions. It is a continuous and important process we take on with ultimate respect to the ever changing world we live in.

With that, TRS has acquired a new “team member” FRED. A rescue mannequin that is “deconable” and travels well at 8 pounds …. add 125 pounds of sand and he’s up to his “victim weight”. Here is a link to “Meet our Team”:

TRS has been very successful with our “teleconference” class format. We kept the teleconference “sit time” limited to under 3 hours. Having 3 to 4 sessions and several homework assignments worked great. We are currently able to travel to complete our “hands-on” portion of our training.

We are continually monitoring and complying to all the current restrictions and requirements….. With ultimate respect to our employees, instructors, students, students families and ours. Be safe out there…..