We here at Technical Rescue Systems are making accommodations and updates to help keep us all safe….

At the time of this photo Susanne had no idea a face mask from the cold would have a whole new use, or meaning now-a-days.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic all of here, at Technical Rescue Systems, have recently made many changes, precautions and custom updates to our training programs. We have designed an interactive and progressive teleconference format allowing our students to complete the classroom portion remotely, prior to our “Hands-On” sessions.  Once we are all able and safe to travel, we will start rescheduling our “hands-on” portions of our training.  With the classroom portion completed remotely, we would then be able to schedule a shorter “hands-on” session and remain in groups of 10 or less until that restriction is lifted.

We have now included a rescue mannequin that is transportable and “decon-able”, designed and constructed out of materials that can be disinfected after each use.

Give us a call to find out more 719-966-9922

FRED Our newest training mannequin. Weighs under 10 pounds to travel….Add 120 lbs of sand when we get to our training site. He does have his own harness and helmet.
Big advantage is, we can disinfect him after each use / scenario. This way we can maintain our “hands-on” training simulation of rescuing an ill or injured climber or confined space victim without using a live person. Safer and cleaner
Found this old SCBA training picture. A face mask of any type has a whole new meaning.