Mission Statement

“Technical Rescue Systems is committed to keeping current on the latest and safest techniques in teaching, learning environments, fall protection and rescue techniques involving fall protection safety, rescue, drone pilot skills and continuing student services and education.”

Our Mottos:

“We all have a lot to go home to!”, “Safety is Education – Education is Safety” 

The TRS Learning Experience


What do our students say?

Our student evaluations often come back saying “Instructors were a wealth of knowledge and experience. very personable, and encouraging.  The training was actually fun and really liked all of the hands-on.  I was very pleased what I learned and was motivated to keep my training and skills up.  Great class!”

What size of class is expected?

Our classes are small and intimate and they are VERY eye-opening. There’s a certain rhythm built-in. We start with the basics and ensure full comprehension – and then gradually increase exposure to concepts that are mission-critical to working at height or in close quarters. This is all possible because of the many years our instructors have been in the business, the many years of teaching, our current training programs and incorporating over 60% hands-on training.

What is the learning environment like?

We keep our student / instructor ratio small and we introduce real-world and ‘real-time’ failure points at critical junctures, so you can know just what can go wrong in the field, whether it’s entering a confined space, working at height or on an emergency response. When you’ve completed a TRS safety and rescue intensive training, your skills and knowledge are better prepared for the “this wasn’t suppose to happen” situation that “just happened”… As we say “Safety is Education – Education is Safety”…. and …. “Our services to our students are just beginning”.

TRS Qualifications

Technical Rescue Systems has continually proven to be an industry leader for high quality training and services in the following ways:

  • Our training programs incorporate over 60% hands-on
  • Instructors with over 55 years’ combined experience in emergency services and military service
  • Instructors with over 60 years’ experience in safety and rescue training
  • Serving on several national standard writing committees, authoring numerous manuals and published in many trade magazines and publications.
  • All TRS Instructors are USA Citizens, Current Valid Driver’s License, Current Valid TSA Global Entry clearance, current valid US Passport, multiple military background checks and clearances (all documents and lists available upon request)
  • Current and complete $2M Liability Insurance – available upon request.
  • Duns number: 026229275
  • NAICS Code: 611519 – 611699 – 423490
  • Gov. Cage Number: 7LP20
  • Hundreds of companies and Individuals trained in safety and rescue since 1986  (list available upon request)

Our Expertise

In 1986 Steve Fleming founded Technical Rescue Systems after discovering a need for effective, memorable and quality technical rescue training. His interest arose as a young firefighter being asked to conduct rescues with limited knowledge. He felt incredible pressure and needed to learn as much as he could. Promotions into Lieutenant and then Captain increased his responsibility even more. Now with over 35 years’ experience and being involved in more than 17,000 emergencies calls, Steve can offer a perspective of “what really matters” and “what has worked in the past – and what didn’t work at all.”

TRS is compliant and trains to the current standards of OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, GWO, FAA and NATE. The company is built upon Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Communication. Our commitment is to those working at height and their prospective companies – and it is palpable.

Technical Rescue Systems LLC Company Profile

TRS teaches departments and industrial safety/rescue organizations throughout the world in Emergency Services Rope Rescue, Confined Space Entry & Rescue, Rescuer Safety & Scene Evaluation, Industrial Fall Protection, Communication Tower Climbing and Rescue and Teaching Techniques to adults.