Wind Turbine Climbing Safety and Rescue

Course Description

Wind Turbine Technicians are asked to do their work at height. With that comes the need for training on climbing techniques, fall protection, rescue of an ill or injured climber, standards knowledge, equipment uses and logging, documentation, training requirements and refresher training. The course covers the specific equipment, harnesses, fall protection lanyards, secondary fall protection lines, anchoring challenges, edge protection, job briefings, ascending needs, logging and documentation of all equipment and training.

Past Clients

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wind turbine

1 Day Refresher Course
Prerequisite(s): TRS Authorized Climber Rescuer (within two years of previous training)
Class Size Limit: 8

2 Day Climber Safety Fall Protection and Rescuer Course
Prerequisite(s): None
Class Size Limit: 8

3 Day Climber Rescuer Course w/ Confined Space as it pertains to Wind Turbines
Prerequisite(s): 2 Day Climber Course
Class Size Limit: 8

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