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UAS Tower / Structure Inspection Certification

Course Description

Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations Around Vertical Communications Infrastructure

Our 20 hour interactive online training course offers our students, who successfully pass, a drone pilot tower inspection certification that follows, meets and exceeds the National Association of Tower Erectors UAS Standard.

This dynamic online program encourages the students to be involved with conversations, reviews and question and answer sessions.  This online training enables the student to have a more interactive and productive learning experience.  We utilize more than just PowerPoint… this course will discuss and review actual tower inspection photos, videos and much more (see class outline below).  Portions of the training, show and review our UAV’s, cameras, screen shots and equipment examples.  Our class offers plenty of time for our students to share their examples and “what they have learned” throughout the training by use of the “discussion box” option.

Throughout this course our students will learn about what to expect on and around the telecommunication sites and the telecom industry.

  Students learn:

  • Types of towers
  • Tower site safety
  • Different types of tower operations
  • Job safety analysis review
  • Site hazards, Signage, RF Hazards
  • Terminology
  • Climbing path and ladder climbing safety systems and more.


Technical Rescue Systems has been training fall protection safety and rescue since 1986, Telecommunication climber safety and rescue since 2000 and UAS/Drone tower inspection pilot training since 2014.   We have quickly learned the incredible value the UAS/Drone aerial imagery offers to the safety of our tower climbers and the documentation / data uses.  The UAS Drone technology is growing exponentially and the opportunity for experienced and educated Drone pilots is even more in demand.  For those who complete our certification course, they will have gained a significant competitive edge over anyone in the UAS/Drone business.

On Site Tower Inspection

Course Outline

  • Top 8 Reasons for Tower / Structure Inspections with a UAS
  • Regulations, Requirements, Definitions and Standards review
  • Tower Types, Differences, Inspection Examples and previous inspection flight review
  • Tower Components, Hazards and Terminology
  • Review UAV Types, Advantages, Disadvantages, Limitations and “What’s new”
  • “Flying Your Camera” Tips on managing still and video camera settings … What works and plenty of What doesn’t work…
  • Flying “Skill Tips and Tricks”
  • Review “How to Market Your Tower Inspection Drone Business”
  • Review “Trusted Operator Program” manual
  • Flight Operations, class discussion and review:
    • FAA Requirements
    • Initial Operation Experience and Flight Supervision
    • Standard Inspection – Site – Route – Data – Documentation
    • Expected Outcome – Flight Recording and Video Data
    • Flight Operation of Aircraft – Flight Checks – Procedures
    • Flight Operations Documentation
  • Review how to best organize, use and store your footage… plus Post Production reviews and options
  • Complete and pass written Final Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

As of June 21, 2016 the Standards and requirements have changed. Here are a few links of the standards, regulations and requirements we follow:



This online course is not specifically for the actual site inspection, however TRS does offers that service as well.

We can come to your site, conduct and complete the video inspection, data input, documentation, logging and supply you with a complete, highest quality professional documented project. All for a competitive price. Call 719-966-9922 for details.

No – If you are a certified climber, Great… It is not a requirement.

No – The new standards, regulations and requirements (Part 107) now make it clearer and more comprehensive to follow and understand. Listed below is a link to their new website:


Yes and No

Yes, if you are not trained. The technology is amazing, however, because the commercial application of flying around structures, training is imperative.   Proper training involves several key components:

  • Understanding the regulations
  • Pre Flight Review and Drone Inspection
  • Site Job Briefings
  • Actual Flying time to learn how to fly the remote controlled UAV
  • Simulator time is a significant opportunity in learning how to fly without the risk of an expensive crash

No, Because of the technology allows for a much faster learning curve

  • Drones with “Safe Mode” helps in learning referencing and the stability
  • GPS and Connectivity Technology
  • Also, the cost has come down to a point that if a crash occurs, you are not out $3000.00 to $10,000.00
  • Not much, and a lot depending on their designed use.
  • Some say a Drone is a unmanned remote controlled aircraft operated by the military for surveillance or to carry weapons
  • Some say the correct reference to a small unmanned aircraft with 4 blades is a quadcopter – Mainly considered a hobby SUAV
  • Bottom line… The term Drone is accepted universally for UAV Hobby, Commercial or Military.

Why is TRS Training Different?

Real World Application
I (Steve Fleming) will be your Drone Pilot Instructor. I established TRS in 1986 and have taught adults in Emergency Services, Fall Protection, Construction and the Tower Climbing Industry for over 37 years.

Licensed as a FAA Pilot
As a licensed Glider, Single Engine Pilot, Part 107 UAS Pilot and have the skills and knowledge to share with you how the Commercial Drone Pilot and FAA can work together.

Experience in Actual Tower Climbing Work
As a Competent Climber / Rescuer Instructor and Commercial Tower Climber I can share the way tower climbers and Drone pilots can work together.

Our TRS Drone Pilot Training course is priced to be very competitive and complete, because of the technological improvements of this aerial video platform (“Flying Camera”). With the proper training, this now allows us to actually document construction sites, emergency scenes, aerial photography, structures, bridges and towers at height, with incredible resolution.

In the telecommunication tower industry specifically, this equipment and training can often eliminate, or lower, the number of times a climber needs to climb. Safety like this, is invaluable.

What you Receive when you successfully completed course

  • Certificate of Successful Completion
  • Certification w/ Certification Numbers and ID Photo
  • Professional Photo ID Certification Card
  • Continuation of learning via our “Community Page”
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Certification Course Online Completed and Ready!.  Thank you for your patience and Understanding.  After a few month delay, we are very excited to announce we have “launched” the course December 8, 2023.  Please feel free to select the button above and “Register”.

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Prerequisite:    None
FAA Part 107 is required for commercial operations, however, not required to complete this certification course.  Call for details

Teams of more than 3 may be eligible for a group discount

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