How to Schedule a Class

We work with your schedule. We travel to your location.
We have been in the training business since October 1, 1986 and have traveled the world… We have had a training facility with classrooms, equipment rooms, 100′ Training tower… We have learned that in over 90% of our training our clients requested us to travel to their location. This often (90% of the time) works much better for our clients for a variety of reasons.
In 2019 we designed, built and placed in service our mobile training unit. More information about that on our website…
Bottom line… Over the past 37 years and 1000’s of classes TRS has learned, in this business, it is a better option to “go to your location” than to send students / employees to an outside training location. We also, have learned that it works so much better for our clients to “Work with your schedule and we will make our schedule work for you”.
Give us a call and we can visit on making the budget, student numbers and location work for you.

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Online training courses are all about your schedule.