What You Receive Upon Successful Completion

Students will receive:

  • Framable “Certificate of Successful Completion” including course title, assigned TRS certification number, student name, course date, listed national standards, expiration date, instructor’s signature.
  • Professionally authored  Course Manual and/or Technical Rescue Field Guide Book
  • “Personnel File Folder” for the required documentation. Copies of the required documentation will be given to the student, employer as well as copies kept by TRS as per OSHA and ANSI Z 490 standard.
  • Share File of all approved pictures, drone footage (if applicable) and videos taken of the class, during the class.
Technical Rescue Field Guide for Emergency Rescue Courses

Hosting organization will receive:

  • Copies of all student tests, equipment inspection logs, completed job safety analysis forms from each day,
  • Share File of all approved pictures, drone footage (if applicable) and videos taken of the class, during the class.
  • Copies of any requested related standards referenced during the training.

Our Services to You Are Just Beginning

We take our training very personally as well as our continued service to all our students and clients.  We train and live by our heartfelt values:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Communication

We also have a saying at the end of our training:

“Our support and service for you are only getting started…. ”

Bring ALL your Fall Protection and Rescue gear to class

Bring any and all of your fall protection and rescue equipment with you to class.  All of our instructors are trained OSHA / ANSI / NATE / NFPA Competent Persons / PPE Inspectors.  Look around the shop, garage, truck, bags, cases, old boxes……  Bring it with you.  If it passes inspection – great – you and your team can use the gear in class….. if not….  Our test dummy / mannequin  “Big Red” would be glad to take a fall for the team…. In many fall protection, climber, rescue class our instructors summon “Big Red” and his cache of “failed inspection” gear to the tower.  Our students then get to watch the dynamics of a “real” fall on a full fall arrest system complete with load cells documenting the forces.  A definite “Wow Learning Opportunity”.  Big hit with the students and even a bigger hit for Big Red.

All PPE Inspection and results are logged and documented.  This is a great opportunity for your companies “Fall Protection Program”.  By completing the required training you also get the updated annual documentation and logging of all your PPE inspections requirements.

This industry standard annual PPE Inspection requirement is included in the course tuition for your companies Fall Protection Program documentation and logging

All at no additional cost.