How important is recertification / continued training?….

Very important for sure… Our learned skills are “perishable… The consequences for “getting rusty” in our business could prove catastrophic. Also many national standards and training skills improve and change making it imperative we keep a schedule of recertifications and retraining… Here are several of many training concepts we share:

  • “Keep your basic skills up”. Basic skills are what you “fall back on” when you are faced with a emergent “call to action”. It truly can save you life. Keep up your basic skills!.
  • “Practice – Practice – Practice”… When we finish a TRS class we challenge our students to “get out there and practice……soon”. As mentioned, training and learning is perishable… meaning if you do not get out there and review what you just learned, it can get “a bit fuzzy”. Some statistics say that as quick as 6 days to 6 weeks, certainly 6 months, students can start to lose much of what they learned. We also understand that effect as instructors….. TRS schedules training for all our staff at least twice to four times a year to keep our knowledge and skills up to the highest standards. This applies to trainers even more….
  • Throughout the year we take several days to train and share with our instructors an the latest training and hands-on teaching techniques.  It is imperative we keep our skills and knowledge to the highest level possible.  We thank our instructors and staff every day for their passion, skills, knowledge and time.  It is our way to stay up to date and excited to share what we have learned and experienced.  We all have a lo to go home to….  Our students are family to us.  Our services are only starting at the end of our classes.
  • Knowledge is safety … Safety is knowledge