Communication Tower Climber Safety and Rescue

Course Description

The course will begin with basic skills and include practical exercises and testing in both areas, based on requirements of OSHA, ANSI, NATE, NFPA and industrial standards as the pertain to communication tower climbing, fall protection and rescue involving an ill, injured or post fall climber.

These tests are designed and implemented to serve as a means documenting proficiency in accordance with OSHA 1910.268, ANSI Z490, ANSI Z359 as they pertain.

This course will teach students necessary skills to work and rescue at height on lifelines / with backup systems, affect certain job/rescue skills at height, review, understand, problem solve and perform situation rescue operations.  The course shall include extensive hands-on teaching and problem-solving exercises. Testing includes skills proficiency, scenario-based performance evaluation of the class and a written exam.


Follows, meets and exceeds OSHA, ANSI, NATE, NFPA standards as they pertain to Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue.

Technical Rescue Systems LLC training will cover via both cognitive and practical hands-on training in the areas involving, but not limited to:

  • Introduction to tower climbing regulations and standards
  • Federal and Industrial Standards including OSHA, NATE, ANSI Z359 and training standards ANSI Z490
  • Principles of Fall Protection
  • Basic tower safety climbing and equipment review
  • Fall Protections Equipment, Capabilities and Inspection
  • Job Briefing Standard
  • Mandated Safety Meetings
  • Climbing Technique
  • Basic and Specific Equipment and Hauling Rigging Review
  • Knots – Lifeline inspection and care
  • PPE Inspection and Documentation
  • Rescue Procedures and Equipment Review
  • Rescue of an Ill, Injured and Post Fall Climber
  • Understanding, Prevention and Treatment for Suspension Trauma
  • First Aid – At Height – On the Ground – Basic Survival in remote locations
  • Site Hazard Analysis, Mandated Safety Meetings, ANSI requirements and industry standards
  • Fixed Ladder Usage
  • PPE, OPE and Emergency Planning, Including Rescue Techniques
  • ANSI Z359 Fall Protection (PFAS and Fall Restraint Techniques)
  • Weather Considerations
  • RF Exposure
  • Basic Review of Tower Types and Construction
  • Review Emergency Services Response
  • Rescue Plan Update and Review

Additional Terminal Learning Objectives:

  • National Standards and Requirements Review
  • A review of the “All Stop” and “Wet Conditions Alert” commands, definitions, team members responsibilities and situations.
  • Equipment Checks, logging, documentation and maintenance
  • Review equipment terms, definitions, titles, basic uses and inspections documentation and logging.

Technical Rescue Systems has continually proven to be an industry leader for high quality training and services in the following ways:

  • Instructors, with combined, over 50 years experience in emergency services and 4 years military service
  • Instructors with over 30 years experience in safety and rescue training
  • Serving on several national standard writing committees, authoring numerous manuals and published in many trade magazines and publications. (Complete Curriculum Vitae available upon request)
  • All TRS Instructors are USA Citizens, Current Valid Drivers License, Current Valid TSA Global Entry Clearance, current valid US Passport (all documents available upon request)
  • Current and complete $2M Liability Insurance available upon request.
  • Duns number: 026229275
  • NAICS Code: 611519 – 611699 – 423490
  • gov Cage Number: 7LP20
  • Hundreds of Companies and Individuals trained in safety and rescue since 1986
  • Past organizations clearance references:
    • National Institute of Standards and Technology
    • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    • National Bureau of Standards
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston
  • Companies and Organizations that recognize / approve training provided by Technical Rescue Systems:
  • Bechtel
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • T Mobile
  • American Tower
  • Black & Veatch
  • Ericsson
  • National Association of Tower Erectors
  • DEUS
  • Additional Certifications and Qualifications
    • Licensed Commercial Drone Pilots
    • Certified Harkin Seat Operation and Sales
    • Certified DEUS devise training and sales
    • Certified Capstan Operator
    • Petzl America Training Partner
    • Licensed Single Engine & Glider Pilot
  • Past military base clearance references:
    • Raven Rock Mountain Complex, Pennsylvania
    • Elroy Alfaro Air Force Base, Manta Ecuador
    • Mountain Home Air Force Base, Boise Idaho
    • Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island California
    • Naval Radio Transmitter Facility, Niscemi, Sicily
    • Camp Lejeune Marine Base, North Carolina
    • US Airforce Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado
    • White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico
    • US Army Chemical Depot, Pueblo Colorado

Course Options

We offer this course as a one day refresher, a two-day authorized climber, three day advanced climber, or four day custom climber course. Reach out to us, and we’ll help you determine which course is right for you and your team.

Tower Climber Refresher – 1 Day

Our “Refresher” courses recognize that keeping current and proficient is part of a complete training program. If a climber meets our prerequisites, TRS offers a class that updates and reviews your level of knowledge and expounds on the latest training, techniques and updated standards. All part of our Tower Climber Certification Series. Meets the annual refresher requirements. Call for required pre-requisites”.

Authorized Tower Climber / Rescuer – 2 Day

This training course covers in depth, the needs of fall protection in the industrial environment. Working in a vertical realm creates a host of fall protection needs and concerns. This course covers the specific equipment, harnesses, fall protection lanyards, secondary fall protection lines, anchoring challenges, edge protection, job briefings, ascending needs, logging and documentation of all equipment and training. This course follows, meets and exceeds OSHA CFR 1910.268 – ANSI Z359 & Z490 – NATE CTS Industry Standards as it pertains to Authorized Climber / Rescuer.

Authorized Climber – Rescuer / Custom Emphasis Training
Competent Climber – Rescuer
3 Day

This training course covers more in depth the needs of fall protection in the industrial environment. More emphasis is directed on the problem solving of proper anchoring and advanced techniques in tower rescue:

3rd Day Custom Emphasis Training

  • “Skate and Block” technique for hauling and rescue
  • “Lifeline Transfer” technique – Illustrating working on and rescuing on towers higher than 300′
  • “Rigging, Hauling and Mechanical Advantage Systems”
  • “Specialized Rescue and NFPA 1670 – 1006 Standards”
  • “Fall Protection Program Audits”
  • “Drone Tower Inspection and Certification Review”
  • “NWSA Tower Technician I – Preparation and Certification Review”

Custom Climber – Rescuer – 4 Day

  • DRONE Training now available as a custom add-on!
  • “NWSA Tower Technician I and II – Preparation and Certification Review”

As mentioned often in our web site “Custom”.  This is our specialty.  We can customize the training you need for your specific situation.  TRS is willing and able to work with you, your team and your organization to develop a custom training program from the basics through to a  complete operational procedure and rescue plan.

Students will receive:

  • Frameable “Certificate of Successful Completion” including course title, assigned TRS certification number, student name, course date, listed national standards, expiration date, instructor’s signature.
  • Professional Student photo ID card.
  • Professionally authored and bound Course Manual and/or Technical Rescue Field Guide Book
  • “Personal Personnel File Folder” for the required documentation. Copies of the required documentation will be given to the student, employer as well as copies kept by TRS as per OSHA and ANSI Z 490 standard.
  • Share File of all approved pictures, drone footage (if applicable) and videos taken of the class, during the class.
  • Continued “call TRS anytime for any reason” costumer service to help answer questions and assist in any way we can.


Hosting organization will receive:

  • Frameable “Certificate of Appreciation” with course titles, dates and team members names. Including a “Team Picture”.
  • Copies of all student tests, equipment inspection logs, completed job safety analysis forms from each day,
  • Share File of all approved pictures, drone footage (if applicable) and videos taken of the class, during the class.
  • Copies of any requested related standards referenced during the training.
  • Continued “call TRS anytime for any reason” costumer service to help answer questions and assist in any way we can.

(* Upon passing skills and written testing)

Past Clients

1 Day Refresher Course
Prerequisite(s): TRS Authorized Climber Rescuer (within two years of previous training)
Class Size Limit: 8

2 Day Tower Climber Rescuer Course
Prerequisite(s): None
Class Size Limit: 8

3 Day Tower Climber Rescuer Course
Prerequisite(s): 2 Day Tower Climber Course
Class Size Limit: 8

Contact us for classes of more than 8 students

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