NFPA Technical Rescue

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“NFPA Technical Rescue”

Technical Rescue for the fire service is one of Technical Rescue Systems most popular courses offered. TRS has been training emergency services around the world in technical rescue focusing on safety, scene evaluation, fall protection and rescue techniques since 1986.


Introductions, course objectives review, computer presentations, actual case history reviews, “what’s new” in equipment and techniques. Practical hands-on session including, but not limited to, anchoring concepts, edge protection, loads on vertical rope systems, rappel station setup, raising and lowering systems, mechanical advantage systems, highline setup, work assessment and setup. Finished with course overview, class surveys and closing comments.

As of January 2014 National Fire Protection Association 1670 has of 17 chapters and 13 sections on the major topics of technical rescue. To be a principle member of this standard from its inception has given us the opportunity to be one of the first to, not only offer, but also understand the intent and authoring of this very important part of technical rescue. NFPA 1006 professional qualifications will soon be aligning that document with 1670.

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