Introducing our new small Med Kit

Second to making sure you know and are trained in CPR – Having a med kit of some kind can really save a life.

Here are a few thoughts behind our med kit features and design…

It was initially designed by the military as a “battle field med kit” to “stop the bleeding – plug the holes and get the wounded to a safer place to continue treatment”.

Where you could use this small med kit:

  • Vehicle –  car, truck , motorcycle there are many situations where you may come up on an accident.
  • Work Site – from a simple slip, trip or a more serious fall.
  • Camping – there are several survival items in the kit and it is easy to add a few more (Space blanket to a glow stick to fire starter)
  • Hunting – Stop the bleeding – plug the hole and get to a place for more advanced medical care
  • Emergency Response Rescue Team – either at height or in a work site emergency situation


In the emergency rescue situation at height we are asked and tasked to:

  • check for the reason for the emergency –
  • check for responsiveness –
  • possibly stop the bleeding – (How valuable would this kit on your harness be?)
  • recognize signs of suspension trauma –
  • possibly disentangle –
  • possibly transfer patient to a rescue descent system and lower to the ground for further treatment


Here is the basic list of whats in the kit initially:

We have added several important items:

“CAT” or Combat Applied Tourniquet aka Tactical Tourniquet

Additional recommendations:

  • Chewable Asprin
  • Liquid or capsule Benedril
  • Glow sticks
  • Hand warmer packet

There you have it…..    We have had this design concept around for years and finally found the basic kit and pouch available for a good price.  By adding the CAT and a few other items makes this small med kit perfect for so many reasons.

We would really like to hear your thoughts and possible uses or if you have a similar design you would like to share.  Let us know.

As a promotional bonus! 

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