How many muscles do humans have in their fingers?

How many muscles do humans have in their fingers?

(a)  201

(b)  32

(c)  17

(d)  0


Answer….. (d)  0 / Zero 

Image result for muscles in your fingersFingers do not contain muscles (other than arrector pili). The muscles that move the finger joints are in the palm and forearm. The long tendons that deliver motion from the forearm muscles may be observed to move under the skin at the wrist and on the back of the hand.

In our bodies, tendons generally connect muscle to bone, and ligaments generally connect bone to bone. The tendons that control the bones in our helpful little protrusions are attached to 17 muscles in the palm of your hand and 18 in your forearm- none of which are in your fingers. The muscles that close your hand are known as flexors, and the ones that open your hand are known as extensors. Some are small and help control each individual finger.

  • The average grip strength for men ages 20-75 is 104.3 pounds for the right hand and 93.1 pounds for the left. Women averaged 62.8 pounds and 53.9 pounds respectively. Grip strength is the highest for both sexes between the ages of 25 and 39.
  • 1 in 6 work injuries resulting in a disability involve fingers.