At the time of this photo Susanne had no idea a face mask from the cold would have a whole new use, or meaning now-a-days.

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TRS is underway and currently scheduling training classes with continued compliance by conforming to the latest CDC Covid Pandemic Recommendations, Requirements and Restrictions.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all of  us here at Technical Rescue Systems have recently made many changes, precautions and custom updates to our training programs. We have designed an interactive and progressive teleconference format allowing our students to complete the classroom portion remotely (other accommodations in hosting classroom sessions are also available – contact TRS for details), prior to our “Hands-On” sessions. 

Now that travel restrictions are manageable, we are able to schedule training to your location

(Dynamic travel restrictions apply.  TRS staff and instructors are monitoring these restrictions daily and travel plans may change accordingly).

We have now included a rescue mannequin that is transportable and “decon-able”, designed and constructed out of materials that can be disinfected after each use.

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Why Organizations Choose Technical Rescue Systems Since 1986

Respect. Integrity. Trust. Communication.
For over 30 years these are the beliefs and values we live by and bring to every training class. This is how our clients attain the greatest skills.

In addition our training is:
Compliant with national standards – OSHA, ANSI, NATE, NFPA.
At the location of your choice – our Colorado facility or your’s.
Predominantly hands-on – to retain what is learned.
Up to the highest standards – we’re passionate about this!

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“Top of the line. The best. The passion, attention to detail, and customer service was the best ever. Thank you for letting me take this class.”

Tower Climber Fall Protection, Safety and Rescue

“Very beneficial coming in with no experience. The course exceeded my expectations”.

Authorized Climber/Rescuer

“Very helpful and very patient with hands on. Outstanding”

Authorized Climber/Rescuer

Great class... Great Instructor... Real world examples of how our training was relevant Related learning environment in a high stress situation How we need to take 5 seconds in an actual emergency to "find out - what just happened" - situational awareness...

Industrial Emergency Response Team - PRPA

The course was very thought provoking. Hands on training was key... Most training events do not incorporate enough... this course did... Thanks TRS

Industrial Emergency Response Team - PRPA

I've been climbing tower for the past 2 years.... This was my first ever formal training course ever... I learned how to use and deploy the rescue kit / system and start a local inspection, maintenance and safety plan... Thank you

Tower Climber Safety and Rescue

I have been climbing towers over 5 years and learned more in two days from TRS than in my entire years climbing. I can't believe how little tower contractor companies train their climbers. Will recommend TRS training to all my fellow climbers!

Competent Tower Climber Rescuer

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This training course covers in depth, the needs of fall protection in the industrial environment.

OSHA / NATE / ANSI / NFPA Certifications  Offered and Industries Served Since 1986