Amusement Rides, Ski Lifts & Trams Climber Fall Protection Safety and Rescue

Course Description

This course is designed for those in the “working at height” industries.  Ski Lifts, Trams and large amusement ride towers are all environments we work best in.  Donning a harness for your work is a huge responsibility.  With the newly revised OSHA and ANSI standards requiring the employer the responsibility for their climbers rescue.  We at TRS have been training climber safety and rescue for over 30 years.  Also our instructors are on a variety of the actual standard writing committees.  This is an amazing honor and opportunity to share the intent, scope and reasons for the industry standards.  Our training is over 70% of hands-on as per OSHA Fall protection Safety and Rescue, ANSI Z490 standards and TRS training requirements.

A complete “course packet” will be presented to the training host at the successful completion of the training.  Here is the link to our specific  webpage on “What you receive”:

What You Receive

This course will teach students necessary skills to work and rescue at height on lifelines / with backup systems, affect certain job/rescue skills at height, review, understand, problem solve and perform situation rescue operations.  The course includes extensive hands-on teaching and problem-solving exercises. Testing includes skills proficiency, scenario-based performance evaluation of the class and a written exam.


Follows, meets and exceeds OSHA, ANSI, NATE, NFPA standards as they pertain to Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue.

Technical Rescue Systems LLC training will cover via both cognitive and practical hands-on training in the areas involving, but not limited to:

  • Introduction to NFPA regulations and standards
  • Federal and Industrial Standards including OSHA, NATE, ANSI Z359, NFPA and training standards ANSI Z490
  • Principles of scene evaluation in rope rescue situations
  • Your department’s equipment review and inspection
  • Rope Rescue PPE Inspection and Documentation
  • Rescue Harness uses, fit, inspection review
  • Rope Rescue equipment, capabilities, care and inspection
  • Rope Rescue scene and rescue option review and hands-on
  • Anchoring options and reviews
  • Anchoring angle forces and options
  • Edge protection review and options
  • Pulley application, forces and limitations
  • Rope Rescue Rigging, options, forces utilizing aerial apparatus
  • Basic and specific equipment and hauling rigging review
  • Knots –lifeline inspection and care
  • Mechanical Advantage systems, forces and uses
  • Understanding, prevention and treatment for suspension trauma
  • Patient-evaluation in a technical rescue situation
  • Litter patient packaging options and lifting
  • Low angle rescue, scene evaluation
  • Low angle scene setup and anchoring options
  • Low angle rescue, hauling and safety-systems options
  • Low angle rescue large scene (MCI) review
  • Case history reviews
  • Written test review and completion
  • Course review and closing Q&A time

2 Day Climber – Fall Protection Safety and Rescuer Course
Prerequisite(s): None
Class Size Limit: 8

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