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“Oil Rig Fall Protection and Rescue”

Oil drilling rigs offer specific and unique hazards in many ways. Fall protection training is required anytime an employee climbs over 6 feet. With that, all drilling rigs exceed that, thus requiring climbers be trained and equipped to work at height. These workers are required to be at height for a variety of reasons; working on the “monkey board”, greasing the “crown” and/or basic maintenance.

Oil drilling platforms are dynamic, fast paced, high maintenance and continuous. In the event a worker is ill or injured, the co-workers are hands-on “get it done” personalities that will “do what it takes to help”.

With that comes the need for training on climbing techniques, fall protection, rescue of an ill or injured climber, standards knowledge, equipment uses and logging, documentation, training requirements and refresher training. The course covers the specific equipment, harnesses, fall protection lanyards, secondary fall protection lines, anchoring challenges, edge protection, job briefings, ascending needs, logging and documentation of all equipment and training.

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